Review: Rolanjona Milk and Bamboo Vinegar Peeling Tendering Feet Mask

Here in Australia Autumn is finally starting to settle in and for me, that means foot peel time! I’ve bought a couple of cheaper foot peels off of eBay before, some worked okay, some were pretty awful, but this… THIS… aside from the fact that it was under $2, made me so sad.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of the process or the packaging but as you’ll see there’s almost no need for it.

This was TERRIBLE.

First, after soaking my feet in warm water for about an hour, I opened the packaging. 

Surprise! No plastic booties in here, just weirdly thin paper-type fabric soaked in not unpleasant smelling goop. 

Argh. Okay. So I ran around grabbing some supplies. Which ended up being grocery bags, cling film and packing tape.

I picked up the now dripping booties to find not only was there not a foot hole and they needed to be cut, but they had weirdly fused together so I ended up with a small tear in one of the booties. Argh again.

After makeshifting a plastic over-boot for my feet to soak in I tested the pH of the remaining liquid with my cheap pH strips.

In order to exfoliate a pH of around 4.5 is needed. They read at… somewhere between 7.5 and 8. Argh.

So I sat and waited, and played some Animal Crossing to pass the time, and washed off the liquid.

Nothing. After knowing the pH I’m not surprised there was no peeling but there was nothing. No moisturising, no dryness, not a hint that I had even soaked my feet in anything. 

So, lesson learned. These suck.



To my first ever post!

There will be reviews, things I’ve learned and a whole bunch of skincare and beauty related stuff.

In this blog I’ll be documenting my foray into an Asian Beauty style 10(ish) step routine, with products from all over the world, with an emphasis on understanding the WHY things work and what each product does to my skin.

I’m 29, I live in Melbourne Australia, I’m very pale and have normal/dehydrated skin. My main skin concerns are PIH and PIE (hyperpigmentation and redness after the occasional spot respectively) and the ever worrying *shudder* aging!

I don’t know if I have any skin sensitivities, but this blog will be a way for me to journey through a bunch of different products and routines and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for me.

Because I’m looking for that ethereal glow, and I’ll try everything I can to get it.