Lazy skincare tips (not just for lazy folk!)

Okay, so you’ve done it. You have your sunscreen application perfected, your actives trialled, tested, and happily working for you, a few new products to try waiting for you in the the wings…

And you just can’t be bothered.

“Just one more episode” you tell yourself, before deciding you’re too tired, it’s too cold, someone else is using the bathroom, or any other perfectly reasonable excuse.

I know, because obviously this happens to me too! (or how would I be so knowledgable as to write this?)

So I’m here with some routine-saving tips for those nights when the thought of your beloved 10-step routine makes you want to claw your eyes out.

LAZY TIP Micellar water is magic. And fast. And super easy. I keep a bottle with some cotton pads on my bedside table for those nights where one-more-episode gets traded for one-more-drink and I just have precious seconds to remove makeup before collapsing into bed, so there’s no excuse for not taking off your makeup and all the filth of the day!

LAZY TIP Keep sample sachets and decants for products you love in your handbag/car/bedside table/drawer at work etc. This way if you can’t be bothered dragging yourself back into the bathroom after your actives waiting times you can still finish your routine (without getting out of bed!)

LAZY TIP Some products are multi-use, if you find one that works for your skin you can use it to replace multiple steps in the morning or those nights where you just CBF. I adore Scinic All-In-One Ampoule in Aqua Bomb for this – I can use it thinly as a serum or spread on a thicker layer as my final step to use as a sleeping pack.

LAZY  TIP Sheet masks! Depending on which one you choose these can pack a serious punch of hydration and moisture, soothing or brightening ingredients. And all you have to do is lie still and relax! I love listening to podcasts (I’m currently obsessed with Lore and NoSleep) while masking. A thin occlusive layer to seal it all in and you’re done!

LAZY TIP So you wanna throw that lovely sheet mask on your face, but recoil at the thought of how cold it’s going to be? Can’t be bothered getting out of bed to run hot water on it? Sit on it! Yup, in the packaging, slowly bring it up to a more bearable temperature! Just be careful it doesn’t pop, but I’m yet to have this happen. (This has to be one of the laziest hacks ever!)

Comment below with some lazy tips or hacks you figured out for your routine!


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