Review & GIVEAWAY [now closed] Illi Hanbang Intensive Moisture Camelia sheet masks

I want to talk a bit about my favourite masks at the moment as the weather is beginning to finally cool down here in Australia.

These are the stunningly gorgeous Illi masks in the Camelia… flavour?

Just look at that packaging *swoon*

I really adore these masks, they’re super filled with essence, more than almost any sheet mask I’ve encountered, and are very luxurious feeling. The essence is milky and slightly creamy feeling and takes forever to dry out. I have worn these for up to an hour in the middle of Summer in Australia. 

And there’s a lot of essence. Did I mention the essence? No joke, I covered my arms, my calves, my chest and I still had some left over! It’s lightly frangranced and quite watery. I intially expected these to be much more strongly fragranced as they are labelled as Hanbang (which is Korean traditional herbal medicine) but it’s not strong or offensive at all.

The fabric is very soft, nothing spectacular but it’s a nice comfortable mask that fits me quite well. The nose area has a bit of a gap but I’m okay with that, with so much extra essence I just keep patting it into the exposed areas.

Can you tell I really like these?




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