How to take care of your skin (after rolling around in filth for 3 days)

Hi everyone! First off, I just want to clarify the title of this post. I’m a LARPer. 

Without going too deep into the process, what this means is a few times a year I go camping for 3 or more days (depending on the event I’m attending) in the dust and the muck all while being blasted by the Australian sun and “fight” other LARPers, with swords, or nerf guns, or whatever. While the wounds from swords and guns might not be real (aside from a couple of bruises) the dust, dirt, heat, sunscreen buildup, dehydration and other effects on my skin are very real.

Since starting my new skincare routine I noticed even more when I came home last Monday that I had really put my skin through a hard time. No showering, overloaded with sunscreen and only makeup wipes twice a day. Ew. My skin looked very dehydrated, and just kinda gross. I felt disgusting too. So here’s what I did to fix it:

Now you see why there aren’t many photos on this blog. Also, I forgot to photograph my Banila Co. Clean it Zero so just imagine it’s there…
Step 1: Easing back into my routine.

I have a lot of products that I use daily but for now I concentrated on GENTLE cleansing and lots and lots of hydration. When I was initially planning this post before the event I had images in my mind of doing a pore cleanse and having mountains of grits falling out of my face, but for a couple of reasons I didn’t do that. First, I was tired. I had slept about 3 hours each night since Thursday and wasn’t in the mood for a full routine. Looking at and feeling my skin I could tell it wanted care, not to be doused in acids and clay and sucked dry. So I kept it very very simple.

Step 2: Oil Cleansing

The first thing I did (even before taking off my dust caked shoes) was I slathered my face in almost half a sample size tub of Banila Co. Clean it Zero (the regular kind in the pink tub). I then pottered around the house, got undressed and unpacked my toothbrush, and checked my phone to make sure I hadn’t missed anything major while I’d been out of contact all weekend. I left the oil cleanser (and dust and everything) on my face for about 45 minutes. After this I did a very gentle facial massage, though it wasn’t too satisfying as I couldn’t tell grits from… well grit.

Step 3: SHOWER.

Oh bliss. It was only as I stepped into the shower that I could smell myself for the first time all weekend. Eurgh. I scrubbed and washed myself (and my hair) while leaving the oil on, leaving cleaning my face til last. I made sure to emulsify the oil very very gently, partly to ensure I wouldn’t harass my skin any further and partly because I was so damn tired I could barely move my arms. Then just before jumping out I cleansed with my gentle Sukin charcoal cleanser.

Step 4:  Hydration

Everything after this point was about making sure my face could spend all night drinking up products and be in a better state by morning. I skipped actives and went straight for a hydrating toner, some Holy Snails Shark Sauce, then Sukin night and eye creams. I then crawled into bed and passed out.

Step 5: Back to normal!

I took it kinda slow over the following week, sheet masking daily (Innisfree I’m Real Squeeze Rice masks were perfect for this week), only using my BHA on from Wednesday onwards and my AHA for the first time yesterday since last Monday when I got home. I’m going to re-introduce the Vitamin C Serum tomorrow. I’m currently writing this and one week after returning I believe my skin is actually in better shape than it was when I left.

I hope this was kind of informative to some! Hit me up if you have any tips or questions.




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